August 2013

  • Standing Alone

    Upon entering most other States, the mile markers on the side of the road seldom top 300. But when we crossed into Texas, they read 880 miles to the other side. Texas was gonna be a long haul. Unlike other “regions” of the United States, such as the Pacific Northwest, the South, New England, Texas Read More

  • Heart and Soul in the South

    New Orleans. It’s a city of crawfish, catfish, jambalaya, and gumbo; of the Vieux Carré the Sazerac, and the Ramos Fizz; of taking part in the madness of Mardi Gras, listening to live Jazz, and dancing all night on Bourbon street. But even though this city offers all of the above and more, this is Read More

  • Southern Comfort

    Regardless of differing feelings and opinions about the varying political, social, and economical issues that our country is faced with, we, as Americans, often feel a strong sense of unity and patriotism. Something inside of us inherently connects and binds us together, and regardless of the fact that we live in 50 different states with Read More

  • Wanderlust

    It all started from an idea. Many inspirations which stemmed from our own life experiences brought us to the point where we departed on such a journey. These ideas built us. They pushed us. They forced us to follow our passions until the point where we looked at the idea directly in the face and Read More

  • N.Y. State Of Mind

    Throughout this trip we’ve tried to hit every region of the country so far in our quest to document the universal themes and characteristics that are truly American.  These regions don’t always fall within one state or city, but rather can spread across county lines, state borders, and even time zones.  However, New York City Read More

  • Resurget Cineribus

    The road to Detroit was one of caution and advice. From friends, family, and strangers alike, our decision to head for the Motor City was followed by sincere concern for our safety. The nearer we got, the more we heard advice like ‘Watch yourself there boys’, ‘Act like you know where you’re going’, ‘It’s a Read More