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  • In Appreciation of the American Tradition

    One thing that we have learned to be consistent across this country is the concept of tradition. Though America is a relatively young country in the scope of the world, we’ve still managed to build a whole lot of traditions for ourselves. These include, but are not limited to: Explosions on the Fourth of July, Read More

  • Looking Back, Riding On

    In a way, the trip already feels like a distant memory. Those early mornings we spent breaking camp in the cold morning air of the Pacific coast feel like years ago. Rolling the tent into its stuff sack and talking of the night’s sleep; sitting at the table and waiting for the coffee to brew Read More

  • Heart and Soul in the South

    New Orleans. It’s a city of crawfish, catfish, jambalaya, and gumbo; of the Vieux Carré the Sazerac, and the Ramos Fizz; of taking part in the madness of Mardi Gras, listening to live Jazz, and dancing all night on Bourbon street. But even though this city offers all of the above and more, this is Read More

  • Southern Comfort

    Regardless of differing feelings and opinions about the varying political, social, and economical issues that our country is faced with, we, as Americans, often feel a strong sense of unity and patriotism. Something inside of us inherently connects and binds us together, and regardless of the fact that we live in 50 different states with Read More

  • Wanderlust

    It all started from an idea. Many inspirations which stemmed from our own life experiences brought us to the point where we departed on such a journey. These ideas built us. They pushed us. They forced us to follow our passions until the point where we looked at the idea directly in the face and Read More

  • Resurget Cineribus

    The road to Detroit was one of caution and advice. From friends, family, and strangers alike, our decision to head for the Motor City was followed by sincere concern for our safety. The nearer we got, the more we heard advice like ‘Watch yourself there boys’, ‘Act like you know where you’re going’, ‘It’s a Read More

  • Living off the Land

    Every once in a while, one finds themselves in a place and time that seems to be a perfect fit. More often than not, this sort of match seems to come about by pure chance. It has happened a lot this trip; randomly running into strangers who soon become friends, stumbling upon places that seem Read More

  • How the West was Won

    Today as we rode across the plains of South Dakota from Rapid City to Sioux Falls, our tangle with the west came to an end. From the minute we entered into Montana more than a week ago, it has been a wild ride. We’ve ridden over numerous mountain passes, winded along lakes, swam in rivers, Read More

  • Exit Zero to Nowhere

    It was a late ride out of Hamilton and we barely made  it across the Big Hole ranch land before dark.  After all the sun and bike work, we made camp early down a dirt road in the middle of the woods.  It was a long day over mountain passes and through valleys, yet we Read More

  • Big Sky, Big Trouble

    In all honestly, we’ve been incredibly lucky so far on this trip. We’ve had great weather, awesome company, and little to no bike problems…. until now. With that said, folks, we’re stuck here in Hamilton, MT while we wait for a part of Dylan’s front fork that’s coming from California. It seems that the last Read More

  • Through the mountains

    Since Seattle, we’ve crawled over the Cascades in the freezing cold of the morning, driven across the rolling wheat fields of eastern Washington, seen the Grand Coulee Dam, passed into both Idaho and Montana, went swimming, and arrived in Missoula, MT. It’s been tough on the road — we’ve been waking up at 5am, breaking Read More

  • Now we head East

    As we’ve winded up the coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington, we’ve gained insight into many things about ourselves. We’ve been tested upon the limits of our ambition, the strengths of our passion, and the depths of our fortitude. We’ve had some long and difficult days when nothing seemed to go right, but we’ve also Read More

  • And so it begins

    Alright! First day on the road. So much happened, but in a sense, so little did as well. We made it out of the city at about noon after packing up the bikes, informing various social media channels of our departure, trying to figure out a last second radiator leak, and finally hitting stop and Read More

  • The Road Lies Ahead

    So after six months of discussing and saving for the trip and then one month of frantically packing, preparing, and planning… we’re finally off! There’s been ups and downs in the last several months. We’ve had times when we felt like we should scrap the whole idea and there’s been times when we felt we Read More

  • Mechanical Hygiene

    Mechanical Hygiene from Devoir Art on Vimeo. “Mechanical Hygiene” – a new short film from the Finding Main Street crew about using less conventional tools for motorcycle maintenance.

  • Preparation

    There are a lot of things that go into planning a motorcycle trip. There’s the bikes, first of all. They must be running smoothly and hassle free — unlikely to be the source of too much stress and hardship on the road. They must be equipped to hold enough gear to sustain one’s self for Read More

  • The Map

    “The Map” – a short trailer from the Finding Main Street crew.

  • First, we head north.

  • Starting to Plan the Route

    Planning. Usually it’s necessary, sometimes it’s not. We’re trying to go on this trip relatively carefree and without plans, but a good route is a necessity. So far, we’ve roughly planned the first 2 weeks. Riding days should be between 150 and 300 miles a day, sometimes less if there’s any sights to see in Read More