Dylan Ozanich

Case study

Dylan Ozanich, fine art photographer and business owner, was born in Grass Valley, California. Dylan’s uncommon renditions of city life and style along with his alluring view of different cultures provide us with a unique view into photography. As one half of the San Francisco-based art tandem Devoir Art Collective, Dylan Ozanich's work has been exhibited throughout San Francisco, as well as in New York City, and Las Vegas.

Self taught, Dylan's drive for learning and knowledge as well as his influence from creative expression have set his style apart from many . His aunt was a professional photographer as he was growing up, so he was surrounded by the camera since birth. In 2012 at the age of 23 Dylan co-founded the business Ike & Apple; an online large format printing service for like-minded artists. Ike & Apple's aim is to turn artists creative goals into reality and help create a more sustainable art community. He is currently residing in San Francisco, where he runs his business and furthers his photography career.

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