Case study

Blending art and journalism, we set out on motorcycles to document what modern America is and what Americans are doing with their lives. The movie has been finished and is being premiered May 14th at 8:30 at Piston and Chain motorcycle club in San Francisco. It will be released worldwide on Vimeo the following day.

The film is a cross-country inquiry and video exploration into the lives of the people who are defining our generation. Part documentary and part adventure epic, the film covers the trio’s journey from San Francisco to New York and back home during the span of two months, riding over 10,000 miles. The narrative is not designed to judge or investigate right or wrongdoings, but rather to offer a broad and personal view of a generation bound together by a nation that's as full of promise of it is of problems.

In the end, we hope to explore and convey a deeper understanding of America by finding a deeper understanding of ourselves and those we have encountered.

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